Dan Zukovic’s mysterious comedy about love, lust, art and the power of the ‘charged image’

A neo-noir comedy, Dark Arc tells the story of Viscount Laris, an eccentric modern-day dandy obsessed by the power of art and visual imagery to mold the behavior and psychology of the individual. With his complicit female muse Juxta, he orchestrates an elaborate series of staged visual events for the sole purpose of subliminally influencing the life of a harmless, down-to-earth graphic designer. As Viscount’s visual manipulations escalate his experiments begin to take on the cruel and sinister overtones that will lead the film to its climactic conclusion.

We are pleased to announce the DVD release date of June 29th 2010 for Dan Zukovic’s award winning cult feature THE LAST BIG THING. The DVD is distributed by Vanguard Cinema and includes the bonus Sundance short film CONJURER OF MONIKERS. Pre-orders are available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, as well as select retail and rental stores.

Please check back soon for release date information on Dan Zukovic’s DARK ARC.

“Absolutely brilliant…truly and completely different…something you’ve never tasted before.” [read entire review]
Eric Campos of Film Threat
Film Threat named DARK ARC one of the top 10 Indies to look out for in 2006.

“A bizarre blend of art, sex and opium, DARK ARC plays like a candy-colored version of David Lynch.”
Michael P. Scasserra of IFC News

DARK ARC makes Film Threat’s Best of 2005 list!