Dan Zukovic’s mysterious comedy about love, lust, art and the power of the ‘charged image’

A neo-noir comedy, Dark Arc tells the story of Viscount Laris, an eccentric modern-day dandy obsessed by the power of art and visual imagery to mold the behavior and psychology of the individual. With his complicit female muse Juxta, he orchestrates an elaborate series of staged visual events for the sole purpose of subliminally influencing […]

Why Should You Consider Fmovies?

There are a lot of factors that people consider whenever they purchase something. These factors shall determine if the price is just right or the product is worth buying. Some factors are even crucial that will determine whether the product is worth of use. Let’s consider how certain factors affect the result. You can easily […]

What’s the X-factor of Xmovies8

The kids of these times would never understand the struggles of their grandparents and parents in the past. It is true that aside from outdoor activities like sports or hanging out at the malls, among the most favorite past times in the earlier days is watching movies. Truthfully, because of the limited accessibility of these […]